Friday, February 09, 2007

Wow! has it really been that long?

I keep meaning to post and then getting distracted. Easy enough I guess. My Xmas projects are done and I didn't take any pictures. I can tell you about them though.

For Dad's leg warmers I ended up using Knit Picks Swish in Truffle. (Don't know what that sock weight yarn I picked originally was all about.) It is a superwash Merino worsted weight. They went pretty quickly and unlike when I make socks one at a time they ended up the same size. Perhaps because I finished them in less than a month. The pattern is just in my head a simple 3x1 rib with increases at the knee and again at the thigh. They are close fitting so he can wear them under his pants and still be comfortable.

Mom's green stripey socks turned out great. She even got them on her birthday, last week. You know cause that's when they were done. I was very excited they fit her so well. Plain stockinette foot with a 3x2 rib leg. I still haven't figured out what size my feet are and I don't care for the fit of the last pair of socks I made for me. I'm going to use the same formula for my next pair that I used on hers. I have also decided that I really like the metric system and the USA is crazy for not using it. How many times do I need to convert .4 inches to 2/5 and then try to locate that on my tape measure? It's one frickin' centimeter.

Currently I am making socks for A. She decides periodically that she doesn't like the seam in commercial socks. While I can understand this I don't think it is actually physically painful and deserving of tears. I am wrong. It only seems to be an irritant about every two weeks. Hopefully, if I can manage to have two or three pairs of socks without seams for her she can wear those on the days the seam is a nuisance/painful. She may not be rational, but she has the smallest feet in the family so I don't really mind.

I have realized that since I like making socks that seems to be what I think of to make for everyone. In fact the yarn originally purchase for Dad's leg warmers (Essential Solid in Dusk) is now destined to be socks for my brother. The only person who requests knitted or hand made items other than A is my dad so he ends up with variety, mittens, leg warmers. Perhaps I should make my brother a blanket or something, but not out of the sock yarn.

Lace is still on my mind if not on my needles. I purchased some crochet cotton to practice with. A friend loaned me a book so I can design my own lace. I even found a pattern online for a 1940s doily and coaster set that looks interesting. Now I just need to jump in and start. Perhaps after I finish sewing A's jammies...

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London_Blue said...

Hey Guess what other things I found that aren't my wedding ring? That Alpaca Silk Book! There's a lace paneled sweater that's cute ;) Not that you'd want to take on a sweater but I'm just saying could be interesting. I think I really only bought that book for empire waste sweater and the one I just mentioned, though I won't be making it any time soon. Shit the spawn#2 just woke up.