Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rainy Spring

Well, I finished A's socks and have ordered yarn for two sweaters. Sweaters for me. I have knit many things, but never real life adult size sweaters. I am going to try and get ahead of the game for A socks for next winter over the summer. Surely with swim lessons and park dates etc., I will have time to knock out a couple of pairs.

One of the sweaters I want to make is a summer sweater. Something lacy to wear over tanks and summer shirts so that I won't be cold in restaurants. I haven't found anything like what I want so I am going to have to design it. Having never made or designed a sweater I have a feeling this will be a challenge. I'm going to see how the yarn is first and then figure out the sweater. I'll post pics of the socks and more about the sweaters when the yarn gets here.