Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Done, Done and Now What?

Of course I couldn't leave the socks alone. I don't know why I thought I would be able to knit them knowing there was a mistake. I found that actually there were two mistakes. They offset each other so as to give me the correct number of stitches. Just not in the right order, yarn overs and whatnot. It took a little doing, but I figured it out and ripped back the affected repeat about ten rows. It was really slow at my garage sale. I sold almost nothing but, I now have a completed pair of socks fit for this winter. I'm sure it will cool down enough to break out winter clothes sometime before January. Here is a picture of the socks.

The pattern is Falling Leaves from the Fall '05 issue of Knitty.

They make my ankles look fat, but since I will only wear them with pants it shouldn't be an issue. I will have warm chubby looking ankles.

I also knitted an ear warmer for A. I had some handspun merino that I was planning on turning into a hat. The only problem with this plan was that I really didn't have much of the handspun. I picked the roving up at a fiber rendezvous a little over a year ago. I spun it up pretty much right away as I had just started learning to spin. I like the random colored plys that don't always match. I still have some left so I may knit up some matching wrist warmers. Nobody likes wrist warmers more than a five year old. Here is our friend Funshine Bear modeling the ear warmer.

I put some cables on it even though they are hard to see. She should get a lot of use out of it since it won't be as warm as a hat and it doesn't get too cold here. Seems like we had winter here when I was a kid. The last few years it has been very mild.

I am also still wanting to make a shawl. I am looking for a triangle pattern that has straight edges instead of little pointy bits along the bottom sides. Personal preference. If you have any suggestions let me know. I'm thinking of using the Alpaca lace weight from Knit Picks.