Monday, November 06, 2006


So I think I'm coming down with something. I have yarn on the way for three new projects, plus dye for a roving I have for a fourth project. Currently I'm working on a very dull hat for myself. Red Cascade 220 in a 1x rib. It will match a scarf M bought me years ago and that I love.

I'll post a picture of all the yarn booty when it arrives. I've been really bored with the stuff I'm working on so hopefully this will motivate me. Even though I have all this on the way I had to check out the new yarn store in town, Happy Cat. (by new I mean they've been open for quite some time and even changed locations, but with A always around I hadn't had a chance to go, like many 5 year olds she hates the yarn store) I promised, I mean told surely it wasn't a real promise, M that I wouldn't buy any yarn. I suppose if you want to be literal I did buy "yarn", but it isn't really yarn it is just an unmade pair of socks for my mother for X-mas.

Fortunately I married a man who understands me and M didn't even roll his eyes when I told him about my lovely purchase. I showed great restraint considering the store. They had some very, very lovely yarns. There was this one that I wanted so badly, but seeing as how it ranged from butter to lemon yellow I don't know what I would do with it. I really just wanted to have it, just to have it. I think I may have a problem. It wasn't just the yarn, they had other colors, it was something about that, particular color that I loved.

On another note here is something from my garden.

This is a brown cotton boll. I only got two bolls so not enough to do anything with, but I think if I plant it in a different spot next year I can get some more. Who knows maybe I'll have enough for a hat in a few years.

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