Friday, October 31, 2008

Now with Picturey Goodness

Okay so I've been done with the sweater for a while, but.... Yeah, yeah, yeah. I still need to sew it up.

See all the pieces. I can now say I have knit an adult sweater. I just haven't finished it.

I have been working on some other things too. Like Amigurumis. But, like the sweater they are as yet unfinished.

The Octopus is complete, but not attached.

The little devil still needs a cape and some felt for his eyes. Seriously how long could it take for me to pull these together. I'm taking them to the park with me today to work on.

Lastly I leave you with another project. This one is not finished, but for a lack of knitting not sewing, so that's not as bad right? I started this a few weeks ago and have been working on it.

It is the Cable and Lace Poncho from Cool Knits for Kids. There weren't a ton of projects I loved in this book, but I really like this one and a bobble (?!) sweater one.

Of course like all my knitting I seem to be using and extra ball of yarn even though I'm getting all kinds of gauge. This happened with the sweater too. I don't understand it. In the instance of this poncho it is frustrating since I'm working rather quickly, for me, and now the yarn I need is back ordered. I'm just going to keep knitting 'til I run out of yarn.

I think not being a monogamous knitter is causing me problems. When I first started out I wouldn't start something new until I finished what I was working on. Now I don't worry about that as much. It could also be that I have a strong aversion to hand sewing. Hm, maybe I'm on to something with that last bit. I did start making short row toe up socks just to avoid that one tiny seam after all.

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Moxy G. said...

Hey, is that devil done? I can't remember, lol.